A great deal of thought and inner search went into my decision to launch in December 2007
The main consideration was that no one who knew and acknowledged Arthur as one of the great musicians of our time made the effort to do anything about it since his passing in 1989. I searched for years finding very little, continually asking myself why it had not been done? With this question and almost 20 years in the balance, I further asked, who would be most qualified to represent my friend and brother in his absence? the person whom I spent hours upon ours collaborating on the music with, who Adrian and I practiced in my basement with for 6 to 8 hours a day when we were barley 17 years old at the groups inception. Adrian, Arthur and I worked hard on the music which today represents the band remembered as Eternity.

Finally I asked myself, "Who would Arthur have chosen to entrust his legacy to?" Of course there are more recordings, some videos, and promises of bringing music to the table to share with the world, most of which have not materialized for whatever reasons.. However as one of the surviving members of the band, that being Arthur Rhames and myself, I deem that any music found on this site featuring the late Arthur Rhames and Eternity will Eternally be a gift for the pleasure of all who visit this site. I think this is the best way to respect Arthur's great legacy and most of all perpetuate the memory of his great contributions to music and a generation of musicians who benefited from his existence.

My vision for is to have Site hosting paid up for 100 plus years. This way the memory of Arthur will live on beyond even my physical years. You can be a part of this effort by making a donation below; even the smallest donations will make a difference! This will allow future materials featuring Arthur to have a home where they can be shared with the world. I think this is the least we can do for one of the great musicians of our time. I will do everything in my power to make Arthur a representation of this concept.



Cleve Alleyne


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Cleve Alleyne